Collin’s Big King

On a recent day off, the sun was shining and the ocean calm. The few crew who had a day off couldn’t pass up a chance to fish. Captain Tom took Captain Bo, Deckhands Jack and Collin, and his daughter Evelyn to the Cape for an afternoon of king fishing. Not only did they catch their limit, but Collin bagged this 52-pound monster! It took his bait on the way down and once Collin tightened up to it, it screamed off 300 feet of line on the first run. He battled the fish for a half hour before Captain Bo scooped it into the net. To top it off, once they cut the first fillet, they discovered that it was a white-king! It was a memorable day on the water and we’re fairly certain that Collin still has a grin on his face.

Halibut Migration

Last week we asked the question of how far a halibut travels for their winter spawning migration. The furthest distance on record that a halibut migrated was 2,500 miles! That halibut was tagged near Atka Island in the Aleutian Islands and recaptured at Coos Bay, Oregon. Typically, halibut don’t travel this far. They have summer feeding grounds in…