2016 Alaska Fishing Regulations

Chinook (King) Salmon:


May 1 – September 1, the peak of the run will be late May – late July.  *Commercial fishing opens July 1st every year, and there is usually about a week during that time that King salmon fishing is less productive.

Size:    Average size 20-25 pounds.  40 pounds earns bragging rights, 50 pounds considered trophy


2016 Regulations for Non-residents:

Daily limit: 2 kings per day in May and June. 1 king per day the rest of the season.

Annual limit: 6 kings


       Coho (Silver) Salmon:

Timing:       Late June/early July – mid September

Size:   6-20 pounds.  Silvers gain weight as the season progresses.  During mid August silvers of 12- 15 pounds are fairly common.

2016 Regulations for Non-residents:

 6/day, no annual limit



IMG_2016 Timing:  All season.  We have had great success catching larger than average size halibut in May and early June!

Size:  10-450 pounds.  We have halibut of all sizes in Sitka.  Best fishing is on the ocean, so as long as weather permits, we’ll get them!

2017 Regulations for Non-residents:

1/day – up to 44 inches(40 pounds) or over 80 inches(280 pounds)




             Ling Cod

2016 Regulations for Non-residents:

1/day, 2/year (1 can be 30-35” the other must be over 55″)

30 – 35” slot or over 55” trophy.

open all season



Pelagic rockfish (aka sea bass):


Timing:  All season.

Size:  3-8 pounds

2016 Regulations for Non-residents: 3/day, no annual limit


Non-pelagic rockfish: (Yelloweye rockfish)

Timing: All season

Size: 6-12 pounds

2016 Regulations for Non-residents:

1/day, only one of which can be a Yelloweye.

Annual limit of 1 Yelloweye rockfish.


Black Cod:

Toke Aw2016 Regulation for non-residents: 4 daily, no size limit