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Annika Wolfgram

Hometown: West Bend, WI 

Why you’re here/Why Alaska: I love nature and traveling and want to get to know people who also have similar interests. I was searching for a transition job between college and pursuing a job in my field and heard Alaska was the place to do it! 

What you do in the offseason: I recently graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire with a psychology degree while working full time at a garden center and a coffee shop. 

What you love to do/hobbies: I love to travel, collect a wide variety of houseplants, read, hike, kayak, drink a lot of coffee, listen to folk-infused pop music, and relax on the beach with friends. 

Education/goals/career plan: After graduating with a bachelors degree I plan to take a year off of school to get more experience in my field before pursuing my graduate degree in mental health counseling in Washington. I hope to also take time to explore the PNW and add a couple new national parks under my belt! 

Favorite Quote: “I need to be outside. I need to be in the world and to remember that I am of it.” – John Green

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Annika Wolfgram
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