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Father’s Day has crept up once again. It’s already this Sunday! If you haven’t gotten your dad a gift yet, don’t worry. You have enough time. And, we are here to give you some ideas if your dad is making a trip to fish with us in Sitka this summer. Here are five great Father’s Day gift ideas.

The first priority when buying sunglasses for fishing: make sure they are polarized. Polarized glasses will help him see better into the water, which is great for spotting fish, whales or any other marine wildlife we come across. It will also protect his eyes from the brutal reflection on sunny days. Next, choose a lens color that works for the specific region. The cold Pacific Ocean off Alaska’s coast is different than the warmer waters of California and Mexico. In Alaska, earthy colors such as brown, copper, or amber work best. Gray and blue lenses do not work as well in Alaska.

Your dad will want to show his friends and family his trip of a lifetime, right? Make sure he has a camera when he comes to fish with us. A typical point and shoot camera is perfect for the grip and grin fish photos that we all love. But, if he has more in mind, such as scenery or wildlife, an SLR camera may be a better option. These cameras can accommodate larger lenses for zooming in on those bears on shore or humpbacks diving deep.

Rain Jacket
You can practically flip a coin in Sitka for whether it will rain or not. That’s why a rain jacket is a great gift for someone coming to Sitka. We supply rain gear for our clients, but your dad may want to bring his own if he plans to explore the island when he’s done fishing for the day. Heavy duty Gore-Tex rain jackets work great for repelling water and not giving your jacket that wet-look.  They are also more layered than traditional rain jackets, which will keep him warm. Shell jackets work well for blocking wind and small amounts of moisture, but can give way in heavy downpours.

Bringing many layers for a trip to Sitka is a smart idea. Our weather can be low 40’s with rain and wind or it can be 70’s, sunny and calm. The weather here can fluctuate so much from day to day that it’s crucial to dress in layers. Gift ideas could include base layers, long underwear or socks. Good quality items that are light, but still trap heat are important. Socks are an important piece of equipment as well. Don’t get something that is too thin or his feet will freeze, but don’t get something too thick, because your rain boots don’t breathe. He doesn’t want to have cold, sweaty feet. These items are great, because he will use them again whether he skis, runs, or fishes near home.

Trip to Sitka
If he hasn’t booked a trip to Sitka, this is the greatest gift of all. Send your dad to Sitka for a few days to fish world-class salmon and halibut with us. It will be a Father’s Day gift that he will never forget! We can help you plan his trip today!


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