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Fish Processing

Watch the Video to See Our Commercial-Grade Fish Processing in Action

Goal – Vacuum-packed fish that comes out of your freezer tasting fresh and never fishy until you visit us again.

Concept – Flatten the curve of bacterial growth.

Method – Bleed, ice, filet, and freeze ASAP at our AU quality-controlled dockside facility.

Steps –
  • Bleed fish immediately upon landing.
  • Gut and ice salmon within minutes of landing.
  • Store halibut and bottomfish in a cold-water hold.
  • Filet halibut and pelagic rockfish on the ride in. Filet salmon at the dock.
  • Cut fish into the size portions requested by you the angler.
  • Rinse, bag, vacuum pack, and freeze your catch shortly after hitting the dock.

Note: AU has deckhands aboard our boats allowing for the most immediate care of your catch.
On the day of your departure, your fish box(es) will be strapped and delivered to the airport. Our processors and hostesses assist you until your fish is checked in as luggage.

A white cooler is full of Alaskan salmon

Angling Unlimited’s Fish Processing

Angling Unlimited has always taken great pride in the fact that we take the absolute best possible care of the fish we catch. From the time your fish hits the deck, to the time it is delivered to the airport, we’ll see to it that your fish is handled with care to assure that you will enjoy the freshest catch possible whether home is just a few hours away, or half way around the world.

Angling Unlimited provides friendly, helpful deckhands aboard each boat to assure that your catch gets the immediate attention required to assure top quality, without sacrificing fishing time. In the above video, Captain Tom explains the steps that make our fish processing world-class.

50# waxed box dimensions = 29.5″ long, 17″ wide, 8″ high
25# waxed box dimensions = 26.5″ long, 10.5″ wide, 5″ high

Angling Unlimited has its entire fish processing facilities conveniently located right on our dock.

  1. Shortly after your return, your fish will be carefully filleted, cut into portions of your choice, and rinsed. We’ll see to it that the fish your party catches is what you’ll take home.
  2. Next, the fish is placed in heavy duty bags, vacuum sealed, labeled, weighed, and placed on a rack to assure that it will freeze as fast as possible. Our large walk-in blast freezer is also right here on the dock. The rack is pushed into the freezer, and your fish will become frozen solid within a couple hours.
  3. The following day while you are back on the fishing grounds, our fish processing manager will take the fish you caught the previous day off the racks, and place it into your individual heavy duty, waterproof, waxed box. On the day of your departure, the box will be strapped, and delivered to the airport for you to check as luggage.
  4. We know that your take home catch is an important part of your trip. That’s why Angling Unlimited does everything possible to assure that your fish arrives home in the best possible condition.