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Why Visit Sitka, Alaska?

Fishing in the Saltwater Wilderness of Sitka, Alaska

Highest Catch Rate for King Salmon in Alaska

  • Expect limits on kings over 90% of the time from mid-May through mid-August

  • Ocean kings are still feeding heavily – You get more bites, more aggressive bites, and the fish bite all day

  • Ocean kings are bright, in their prime, and the best-eating salmon on the planet.

King salmon harvest rates in Sitka, Alaska

Inside and Outside Waters

  • You tap into huge runs of ocean salmon – multiple hookups are common.

  • You can catch salmon and halibut on the same day.

  • Protected inside waters provide calm productive fishing in unsettled weather.

Beautiful Southeast Alaska

  • You enjoy spectacular scenery.

  • You’ll see whales, otters, seals, sea lions, eagles, a huge variety of sea birds, even the occasional bear.

Historic Sitka

  • Museums, shops, tennis courts, restaurants, and bars all in downtown Sitka.

  • Eco-tours, hikes, classical music festival.

  • Lots to do for the non-fishing members of your party. You fish, they enjoy Sitka.