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We like to provide information on this blog, but today we’re sending out a request. We’re looking for anyone who can provide insight into the currents that run along our outer coast. To be clear – these aren’t tidal currents, they are ocean currents that will run in the same direction all the time. The specific question for 2014 has to do with a persistent and sometimes incredibly strong current running to the northwest. It seems to be closer to shore and stronger than usual. It can make it difficult to get halibut baits to the bottom and/or fish efficiently for salmon. It would appear to be a manifestation of the Alaska Current. So, the questions at hand – should there be an oceanographer in the house:

  1. Is there any real time information available online that tracts movements of the ocean currents in Alaska?
  2. Does anyone know what makes the current move inshore like it has this year?
  3. Does the rate of flow vary significantly and, if it does, why?
  4. What impact, if any, does the range of the tidal exchange have on the current?
  5. Does a strong Alaska Current moving inshore have a known impact on ocean productivity?

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