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IMG_0228 The “go to” question people ask me at a holiday party is “How was your season?” It’s asked so often that I refine the answer into what is called “an elevator pitch” – something short enough that it could be completed in the time it takes to go from the first floor to the 10th. So, we’re on the elevator, doors just shut and you ask, “How was your season?” “Fishing was great, business was back to pre-Great Recession levels, and weather was a bit more unsettled than normal, but didn’t stop the fun. The kings were abundant but smaller than normal. We had the best king regulations in more than a decade – 2 per day in May and June, one per day after that with an annual limit of six. Halibut fishing seems to be getting better each year again with more of them moving closer to shore. The silver run was spectacular – started early, excellent numbers and, perhaps, the biggest average size we’ve ever seen. By the end of the season we were catching a lot of silvers in the mid to upper teens and must have had half a dozen over 20 pounds by the time we closed shop.”  At this point, if the elevator is still going, I get out the phone and show a picture of a particularly big silver on a bright sunny early September day.” I timed myself, that’s slightly more than an elevator speech – 40 seconds. Still, it answers the question.

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