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IMG_1026The Nordlund party of Bryan Nordlund, Mike Delarm, and Rick Hoag wrapped up their three-day trip with Captain David yesterday. During their trip, they averaged 4 kings per day. The first and last days were the best, with The Cape and The Shark Hole producing most of their salmon. Bryan also caught the first coho of the season.

The group said they didn’t have many salmon bites, but made the most of their opportunities. Bryan’s advice for anglers fishing in the next couple weeks was to be patient with the kings. They are biting very soft – you have to give them time and at all costs, avoid hook sets. Their salmon bites were only noticeable by a slight twitch of the rod tip. Sometimes they caught them while motor-mooching with rods in holders and other times while on the retrieve.

The water was flat during their stay, which gave Captain David a variety of options for halibut. Each day the group got their limit, with the third day being one of the best days ever. The halibut they kept were over 40 inches and they released a few that hovered around the 100-pound mark.

The weather for the rest of this week will continue to blow from the NW with seas 4-5 feet. It has been very sunny during the month of May, and it looks to continue through the weekend!



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