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FullSizeRender-2 copyCaptain DJ and the McCoys just wrapped up a four-day trip where they fished as far north as Emmons Island and as far south as Biorka – covering a wide range of water in their pursuit for their favorite Sitka fish.

Their trip started with days to the north to avoid rough seas from a southerly wind. Sheltered in the backwaters of Chichagof and Baranof islands, they found every one of their targeted species including silvers, kings, halibut, and rockfish. But, this bite slowed down since last week and they needed to find a better bite.

The last two days of the trip included explorations south of town. The group fished at Biorka where the fishing was less than hot, so they moved to the Cape for more consistent salmon action. Schools of silvers were cruising high in the water column around the Cape and every other structure within a mile radius. Sometimes they drifted and other times they anchored to target the silvers. To hook kings, they had to anchor because no one was catching kings higher than 100 feet. Daniel and Mark picked up a nice double on kings at a new spot nicknamed “The Hourglass” because of its contour’s resemblance to the timing device. The group never ventured offshore for halibut because they wanted to target salmon and they were content on catching the flatties while pursing salmon. They also caught a large lingcod that they had to release. An all day effort of mooching on the last day of their trip resulted in over 20 cohos, two kings, halibut, and rockfish  and a great dock photo.

Although the McCoys battled some wet weather during their trip, they couldn’t stop smiling. As longtime anglers with AU, they keep coming back because of our care and ability to provide a care-free vacation. They’ve battled weather before, but as long as they’re catching kings and cohos, they are in paradise.


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