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Sitka Fishing Report - AugustWe’re beginning that exciting time of year where the silvers are 15-18 pounds and they are hungry. The Cape has changed to mostly silvers, pinks, and shark action while we’re salmon fishing. Sometimes when we’re fishing, anglers will hook into a fish only to have the line go slack shortly after. Upon reeling in, they find they’re missing the hooks and the leader is frayed. We call that getting “Sharked.” It happens a lot this time of year with blues and salmon sharks patrolling our waters. But, Jeff Foushee won the battle last week. He caught the first salmon shark of the season – and caught it on salmon gear. That’s an impressive feat.

Since the kings are slowing down, most boats are fishing long drifts. During these drifts, we’re targeting the upper half of the water column in search of hungry silver salmon. The drifts are producing a few fish each time, but the fish are very spread out and not concentrated like they were when more bait was present. If our anglers want halibut after their drifts, most captains go to the halibut grounds to get it done.

The captains who have chosen the anchor approach at the Cape have been able to catch silvers and pinks with the addition of halibut, rockfish, and an occasional king, because they can work their baits deeper. But, the kings have been scarce as of late.

The weather has been rainy and windy, so some groups have spread out from the pack to find calm water to fish. Areas to the north have been productive for cohos and pacific cod, but haven’t produced the same amount of halibut or rockfish as the open ocean.

The humpback whale shows have been unbelievable in the inside water. Where the water is glass-calm like a lake, there has been bait and bubble-net feeding. This is truly a fortunate experience when you get witness this feeding spectacle.

Stay tuned to hear how the cohos pick up and turn into trophy fish as we get into the final month of our season. In the meantime, check out some highlights from the first half of August.

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