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The Mammals of May

By May 31, 20114 Comments

Angling Unlimited had a first on May 30. Captain David Gross, fishing with Carl Hauser, Jeff Hauser, Dave Goshorn, and Ed Barnes got into a wide open king bite yesterday afternoon. After hooking and landing some nice kings they were greeted by a site we’ve never scene at AU – a pod of killer whales arrived and ate the salmon right off their lines – right next to the boat. In my last blog I hoped for killer whales to come eat a few of the sea lions that have been bugging us. It appears the pod that arrived prefers salmon to sea lion for dinner.

Another unusual mammal siting came for Maggie and Tom George, Jim and Anne Smith fishing with yours truly, Captain Tom. After hitting a short frantic king bite and getting their kings each for the day, we headed out a few miles for halibut. Shortly after we arrived, we were joined by a northern fur seal – floppy ears and all. The seal swam around the boat for 10 minutes allowing for lots of view and photos, then took off. We finished the day with our limit of halibut and, once on the inside waters, a sunny beautiful ride to the dock.


  • Tyler Gangnes says:

    While I’m sure that was a more spectacular site than the sea lions we encountered I would assume they are a bit more intimadating and better hunters. That must have been some site to see!

  • Mark Woods says:

    Hi Tom,

    So I’m sitting here at my wonderful desk looking out the window at the wonderful Seattle weather and daydreaming about orcas. That’s quite a story. Or quite a tale? I hope you guys are nailing them. My friend Eric is up there now (fishing with Chuck I think) and I hope they’re scoring. Say hi for me if you get the chance. Sounds like you guys have been doing well. Wish I was there. Anyone get the king on a fly yet?


  • Harry Gorstayn says:

    wow…. That had to be aa great picture . I really can’t visualize how the fisherman looked!
    I am dreaming about the great times we had there with you and Ben… Next year we will be there
    Matza mamaaaa

  • Dave Goshorn says:

    My 30 lb King quickly turned into a 20 lb King as one of the orcas snapped it off two thirds of the way down the body, then came out of the water to laugh at me. My line went from 40 feet out to 140 feet out in about 2 seconds. It all happened so fast we had little time to grab the cameras. One big male (9 ft dorsal!) was off in the distance supervising as several females and calves ( thirty?) paraded around the boat. I’ve been fishing with AU for more than 10 years, but this was a first!

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