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Two Days of Everything

By July 16, 2011No Comments

First, sorry for the lapse in blogs. The long season catches up with your aging captain/blogger.

The second week of July presented a surprise – after a nice buildup in numbers, the silvers virtually disappeared for three or four days. Boats were lucky to manage 4 or 5 in a day. Thankfully, the kings kept right on roaring. Doug and Nancy Boyden along with Don and Maxine Bardan managed limits of kings each day they fished along with limits of halibut, but silvers were scarce. Then, on July 13, Captain Phil Carlson, fishing with Terry Finn, Hal Hansen, Winston Karren and Kevin Karren found the motherlode of everything – limits of kings plus a number released by 10 AM, followed by limits of halibut, black rockfish (sea bass) and finally 24 silvers to finish it off. That group did an encore performance of the same on July 14. The other boats in the AU fleet had similar success. So, once again I’ll go out on a limb and say the silvers are here to stay with, perhaps, the occassional disappearing act. Seas have ranged from calm to moderate but “doable”.

Terry Finn, Hal Hansen, Winston Karren and Kevin Karren show off their "motherlode" catch with Captain Phil Carlson and deckhand Derrick Deutsch

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