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Big Ocean, Quiet Waters Producing

By August 28, 2011No Comments

The past week offered up a series of weather fronts that brought rough waters to the ocean and rain throughout. Anglers willing to face big seas – and we mean big – were rewarded with catches of kings, silvers and halibut. The Williams party fishing with Catpain Greg Mohs ventured out into 10 to 12 foot swells on Friday to find a wide open salmon bite with silver and king limits taken in 3 hours, followed by a quick limit of halibut. At the same time, the Ricci party fishing with Captian Ryan Refshaw, the Loranger party fishing with Captain David Gross, and the Helsley/Thomas party fishing with yours truly explored new inside spots and found limits to near limits of kings and silvers, plus good numbers of halibut and a bonus of pacific cod. Sometimes people ask how often we have to cancel a day of fishing and the anwer is virtually never because the many lee shores and abundant fishing spots with potential make it possible to fish regardless of weather. Thankfully, the forecast has improved – more on that in the next blog.

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