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Calm Window – Silvers Two at a Time

By September 1, 2011No Comments

We enjoyed a brief break in the parade of windy and rain on August 29 and 30. The Fergeson/Kohler group of 8, fishing with Captains Phil Carlson and Greg Mohs fished the ocean with great success on silvers, kings, and halibut. Erika Sheffield-Stull even managed to catch two silvers at the same time. She had what all thought was a normal hookup, but when Captain Phil netted the fish, they discovered it wasn’t hooked and was entangled on the mainline. Soon it became clear that something was still swimming around on the end of the line. Phil feverishly worked to get the boated fish disentangled and when he did, Erika fought the second fish to the boat. The next day Captain Phil took his group to 700 feet for halibut with the hope of a few blackcod (sablefish). Not to be outdone, John Gates landed two blackcod at the same time, one on the forward hook, one on the trailer.  Even during this calm window, there was a bit of a swell, so two of our boats fished inland on calm waters where limits of silvers and halibut along with some good kings were the rule. The action was made all the better by the glassy, windless conditions and a spectacular bubble feeding event by a group of humpback whales.

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