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5 reasons to like the 2013 halibut regulations

By February 6, 20132 Comments

Sport fishing halibut regulations are set for 2013 for anglers on a guided trip. Bag limit is one per day with a “reverse slot limit” whereby you can keep halibut under 45 inches or over 68 inches. Here are five reasons to like these halibut regulations:

1. You can catch and keep the best eating halibut up to 42 pounds (45 inches).

2. You can deliver that trophy halibut over 68 inches (160 pounds) back to the dock for pictures and the freezer.

3. The regulations are stable – same as 2012 – which suggests the resource is stabilizing in Southeast Alaska after a nearly decade long drop in poundage.

4. The lower harvests rates in both sport and commercial fisheries allowed the fish to repopulate the grounds and you’ll enjoy faster halibut fishing. That means more time for salmon fishing.

5. Whether you fish Sitka with Angling Unlimited in the beginning, middle, or end of the season, halibut fishing is open every day and there is no annual limit. You’ll have your shot at one great eating halibut per day every day, plus the hope of a trophy.


  • Charles Mikkelson says:

    Sorry to hear that False Island Lodge is no longer available. Do you do any fishing in the same area. I noticed you do not mention andy shrimp or Crab fishing.

    • apooch says:

      Hi Charles,
      We have similar spots compared to False Island. We tend to fish for salmon and halibut on the west side of Kruzof Island. We don’t venture too far back to where False Island fished, however. We can answer other questions if you’d like. Please email us at

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