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One of our toothy friends

Lingcod are open for the entire charter season in 2013 with a daily limit of one lingcod; 30 inches or greater in length and less than 35 inches in length, or 55 inches or greater in length. The annual limit is 2 lingcod – one of which can be 30 to 35 inches in length, one of which can be 55 inches or greater in length.

Alaska Department of Fish & Game issued a press release breaking down the 2013 regulations.

These regulations are intended to accomplish two objectives: 1. Keep the charter catch within poundage limits set by the Alaska Board of Fisheries. 2. Allow for a full season of opportunity for anglers in Southeast Alaska. The current regulations appear to be accomplishing these goals, as they are unchanged from 2012. We hope that some time down the road the conservation efforts on lingcod will result in liberalized regulations.

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