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Hook It and Cook It kicked off the 2013 season with Ludger Szmania of Szmania’s Restaurant returning for his sixth season to cook for guests each night of their trip. It was another great year of fishing and food to start the summer.

During Hook It and Cook It, guests fish during the day and attend a cooking presentation from Ludger at night. The fishing the first week of the season was an average week in mid-May.  Every boat battled a bumpy ocean to find decent salmon numbers. The key for each group was capitalizing on the opportunities that were presented. The ocean calmed down enough on the last days of the trip to reach the halibut grounds, where each boat was rewarded for their effort. It was also a bonus to catch a few black cod, which were greatly appreciated at dinner.

Each night of Hook It and Cook It, Ludger prepared fish from the group’s daily catch. Guests left with ample fish, gourmet menu ideas and learned new cooking skills. The recipes included a variety of species such as halibut, salmon, rockfish, black cod, lingcod and sole.

Here are some of the crowd favorites from the event:

Fisherman’s Tacos
Fried Salmon with Pickled Red Onions and Seasonal Greens
Halibut Ceviche
Seared Halibut Cheeks on Spinach – Smoked Bacon & Vine-Ripened Tomato Vinaigrette
Spice-Rubbed Lingcod with Warm Vinaigrette and White Bean Risotto


  • BAM!! (sorry Emeril) This event keeps getting better and better….this year was the best yet! Chef Ludger’s dishes were absolutely delicious and I love to watch and learn how to prepare the fish I take home. The new recipe binders were a great addition this year – I have already made one of the dishes at home.

    Thank You the the Folks at Angling Unlimited for a great time! See you next year at the Hook it and Cook it – I wouldn’t miss it!

    Patrick Reilly

  • David Kjos says:

    We tried one of the recipes at home that Ludger made….it was fantastic! Thanks to Ludger, Victor, Tom, Chuck and all the crew at Angling Unlimted!
    As my son Harrison told me before we left for home…and I quote….”Dad, we have taken many trips before and I want to go on record saying…this is the best trip yet!!!” What Dad would not want to hear something like that!! Both my sons and I had a great time…well worth it…and excellent fishing and excellent people!

    David Kjos

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