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Most of our time in Sitka is spent fishing, because that’s what we love to do! We know you do too, but we also know that the fun doesn’t need to stop once the fishing in done for the day.  Here are five of our favorite activities in Sitka for you to try when you’re not fishing.

Kayak waters unreachable by other watercraft

kayak 2

Between Sitka and the open ocean is a maze of islands, shallow reefs and kelp forests. Navigating this island system can be difficult for any watercraft besides the kayak. For this reason of exclusivity, Sitka is one of the best places in the world for sea kayaking.

Whether you prefer a guided tour or to rent, Sitka Sound Ocean Adventures can take care of your kayaking needs.

Hike the adventurous trail system

Since 1993, Sitka Trail Works has been building a trail system on Baranof and Kruzof Island. This extensive trail system features a skill level range from beginner to advanced. There are short hikes to long, all-day hikes. Every hike promises gorgeous views and the possibility to spot wildlife.

If a hike is your plan after fishing, Sitka Trail Works has a trail list with important details for each trail.

Bike the road system

Sitka only has 14 miles of road, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying the scenic ride on Baranof Island’s western coast. Rent a bike in town and bike north towards Starrigavan Creek. Once you’re at the end of the road, make sure to walk through the estuary. Head back towards town and go to the other end of the road near Sawmill Creek. This ride takes you through windy roads above gorgeous Silver Bay. On occasion, humpback whales can be seen swimming through the bay.

If a more challenging ride is what you are looking for, assembled a list of their favorite mountain bike trails in Sitka. A convenient place for bike rentals is the Yellow Jersey Cycle Shop located in downtown Sitka.

Take a tour of the museums and landmarksTotem

Alaska has only been a state for 54 years, but its documented history goes back much further. The first place to stop is the Sitka Historical Museum.  Here, all of Sitka’s history converges. You’ll learn about Sitka’s Tlingit, Russian and American cultures and make sure to grab a map of Sitka’s National Registered Landmarks before you start exploring.

Shop main street for Alaskan treasures

The shops in Sitka carry items that are unique to other towns in SE Alaska. Our rich Tlingit and Russian culture shows in the artwork for sale in many of the shops. Our local supply of salmon and berries makes for a delicious treat.  And it wouldn’t be complete without shops that sold the famous Ray Troll t-shirt designs.

The Sitka Convention and Visitor’s Bureau has great list of the shops in Sitka, so you can create a game plan before you arrive.

For other great activities, such as observing wildlife up close, dining, or golfing on a mountain, check out our Sitka Activities page.  If you have a favorite that we didn’t mention, leave it in the comments section and we will add it to our site.



  • Gernot Klussmann says:

    The most interesting place for me in Sitka has always been the Bishop’s house. I was very disappointed to see it closed some years ago. I sure hope it is open for visitors now. Do you know?

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