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I had the opportunity to venture forth on my old stomping grounds last Thursday. Angling Unlimited began in Neah Bay during the summer and on Puget Sound the rest of the year. Back in the days of a more vigorous blackmouth hatchery program, Puget Sound produced very good fishing in November and December. I ran quite a few charters through the holiday season in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Moving the operation north to Sitka ended the professional involvement with Puget Sound. A big cutback on the blackmouth (a name for immature kings) program has diminished the opportunities on the Sound. But rumor had it fishing has been good this November, so Gary Wong (long time AU supporter), Captain Keith Robbins (Puget Sound guide – and I ventured out to Possession Bar. The day was cold but sunny, there were some bait balls forming here and there. In three hours we hooked 7 blackmouth. One was eaten by a seal, one was lost at the boat, three were released because they weren’t clipped, and two were kept and enjoyed on the table. Size ranged from 6 to 10 pounds. The biggest one got away – of course. All in all, a welcome late fall break.

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