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I like simplification. It brings me to a center from which to operate. For instance, Sigmund Freud once said life gets down, “work and love.” Pretty simple and I can’t argue with that. Find work that you enjoy and brings meaning to your life. Build a loving family and good friendships. Is there anything else?

In fishing, it’s all about position and presentation. Position in simple terms means the location of the fish. Position exists in four dimensions: latitude, longitude, depth, and time. In plain English, it’s a place and a time. If you find yourself in that right place and time, if you’ve located the right depth, then it’s all about presenting a bait or a lure that appeals to the fish, moved at the right speed in an appealing way. It’s profoundly simple – if you know how.

The devil, of course, lives in the details, which we’ll cover in this series of blog posts.

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