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It’s been over a year since we committed to delivering a more educational and entertaining blog for our readers. After all the posts from 2013, you’ve shown us what you enjoy reading. Here is a list of your top 10 favorite posts from 2013.

Thanks for reading our blog!

Our Top Blog Posts from 2013:

1. Record Rockfish Aged at 64 Years: Originally predicted very old, turned out to be much younger.

2. Season Outlook for 2013: How were Captain Tom’s predictions?

3. 10 Most Common Mooching Mistakes: Everyone does them, the key is fixing them.

4. King Salmon Regulation Prediction for 2014: Entering year 22, we expect another year of excellence

5. Our favorite photos from the first half of 2013: Grip and grin galore.

6. How to properly hook a salmon: Master this and you’ll be catching more fish.

7.. 5 Reasons to Love the 2013 Halibut Regulations: Stable regulations = stable resource

8.. Best Silver Run in 20 Years: Did you witness it?

9. Bluefish vs. Coho: East vs. West showdown

10. Albatross Launched: Latest boat added to a fleet with an already winning design.

Did one of your favorites not make the top 10? Let us know which one in the comments!

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