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AU is all about sportfishing. That’s why our guests enjoy lighter gear and hands on methods. We want anglers to enjoy the feel of the bite and learn how to hook the fish. We know you enjoy fighting a salmon on a high quality rod and a reel with a super smooth drag. We also know that the North Pacific produces highly valued fish for your table and the take home part of your trip is really important. That’s why we take the very best care of the fish you keep over the course of your trip.  This requires a plan from the moment the fish hits the deck until the vacuum packed fillets are safely in your freezer. When done properly, this assures you of salmon, halibut, rockfish, and lingcod that taste comparable to fresh over the course of the long winter.

Each step in our fish processing method is detailed. We’re proud of our meticulous fish processing methods and one moving picture, aka video, might just be worth many thousands of words.

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