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Most saltwater salmon fishermen from California to Alaska believe you’ll find more fish if you cover more ground. It makes sense – the fish move constantly, they scatter, so we fishermen need to work as much water as possible to locate them. But, that’s not how it works much of the time. The fish, for a variety of reasons, often concentrate in very specific locations and stay there. Troll or drift around and you pass through that location once in a while. Anchor on that location or back troll to stay on it, and you’ll spend much more time on top of the action. The trick is locating that special spot which can change from day to day or hour to hour. Regardless of whether you sit still or move, remember that fish aren’t randomly distributed. There are genuine sweet spots out there on the ocean and position matters. The quantity of water we cover matters far less than the quality  of the water we fish.

What common denominators are present in quality salmon spots?  How do we consistently pick the best position? Stay tuned.

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