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We have a brand new item in the AU gift store: calendars. These calendars are small enough to pin in your office or on your fridge. Full of amazing photos from every aspect of Angling Unlimited and Sitka, these calendars will enhance your offseason daydreaming, while you count the days until your next trip comes. They are the latest item we’ve added to our selection of free items with coupon. We also have a few fun ways you can get one for free.

We have weekly trivia through our social channels including Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, and Twitter. If you’re following us on, be the first to answer correctly, and we’ll mail you a new calendar.

New Gear 1

When you visit us this summer, make sure to check-in on Foursquare. With your check-in, you will unlock a special for one free sticker and calendar.

The calendar isn’t the only new item this year. Stop by the AU gift store when you’re here and check out our new selection of clothing!



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