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The Weathers party wrapped up three days of fishing yesterday with Captains Phil, James, and Ryan. Since our last report, silver and king fishing production declined at The Cape, which pushed the fleet north. We’ve found decent salmon bites at Point Mary, The Parking Lot, Point Amelia, and The Bowl. With a ripping current, we’ve anchored in order to get our herring deep enough for the schools of kings. While on anchor, anglers are also catching decent sized halibut. After catching kings, we drift, working the top portion of the water column targeting silvers. It’s been a productive strategy. Lots of bait and schools of salmon are always a comforting sight on the sounder.

The last day for the Weathers and Captain James was a day to remember! Captain James stopped on a bait ball in between Kalinin and The Shark Hole for the first stop. On the first drop, Ron Grossman hooked into what everyone thought was a salmon – hit his herring on the way down and he had to reel fast to catch up. He got it tight and it angle out. Quickly it was to the boat and to the surprise of everyone onboard, they were looking at a salmon shark! Thinking quickly, Captain James grabbed the gun, pointed and “click” – the shell didn’t fire. So, James and Deckhand Andrew grabbed two gaffs, picked the shark in the head and back and brought it aboard. Everyone was in astonishment looking at a 75-pound shark on the deck! There were high fives all around and they got some great photos with the shark. The rest of the day, the group caught their kings, picked away at silvers, and caught and released kings – all while enjoying the sunshine that hasn’t shown its face too much lately. It was a great finale to a great trip.

Stay tuned for a recipe of the week with the delicious salmon shark.

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