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Angling Unlimited’s Fishing Style – Mooching

By August 11, 2014One Comment

Each day on the water our guests experience the thrill and productivity of mooching. We take pride in ensuring our method is hands-on for our clients. With nearly zero involvement from us, our anglers experience the excitement of casting, feeling the bite, hooking the fish, fighting the fish, and reeling it to the boat. It’s a style based on finesse and it’s easy to learn. 

In our latest video, Captain Tom shares his thoughts on mooching and the satisfaction our anglers experience with this method. As many will attest, mooching delivers a unique experience compared to other salmon techniques. Do you agree/disagree? We’d love to hear it!

One Comment

  • Marty says:

    You’re absolutely right. Since 1996, I’ve fished with many Sitka Captains and various outfitters. This year was my first at Angling Unlimited. The combination of Captain Phil and Deckhand Mike were unsurpassed. They didn’t take it for granted that I knew what I was doing. From day one they, they sat all of us down and made us visualize how a Salmon would attack our bait and why reeling a fast as you can was a way to keep it on the line. I was given great information about casting out and the position of where the weight would hit the water and relations to the bait. I think this year I only had one tangle coming up, quite an Yes, mooching is the way to go. See you 8/1/2015.

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