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After five years of blogging and 530 posts, we’ve created a healthy archive of information about our fishery, our business, and our customers. Thanks for reading!

We’ve kept you busy with our professional guide advice, fishing reports, recipes, and much more. For this post, we dug into the archive and cherry-picked ten old posts that are worth another read. Enjoy!


Archive Posts We Think You’ll Enjoy

1. Angling Unlimited’s Customer Experience – Longtime clients share their memorable AU experiences and what brings them back year after year.

2. How to Pack for Sitka – Learn what to bring to keep you comfortable in the maritime climate of Sitka.

3. 10 Common Mistakes Made While Mooching – Avoid these mistakes and you’ll greatly improve your salmon success.

4. A Tradition of Custom Aluminum Boats Carries On – Nearly 20 years since our first one, our fleet is now complete in a new era of aluminum boats.

5. What To Do In Sitka When You’re Not Fishing – The fun doesn’t need to stop when the fishing is done for the day!

6. 7 Reasons to Fish With AU in May – The month of May kicks off our season and here are 7 reasons why it’s can’t miss.

7. Angling Unlimited’s Fishing Gear – Our passion for providing a seamless fishing experience begins with quality fishing gear.

8. 10 Steps for a Great Fishing Trip With Kids – For anyone interested in introducing the younger generation to the fun of fishing in Sitka, this list is the key.

9. The Proper Way To Hook a Salmon When Mooching – Master these three steps and you’ll battle more salmon than you ever imagined.

10. The Record Rockfish – The fish that garnered attention in 2013 for its speculated old age only turned out to be 64.

Stay tuned in the next couple weeks for our list of the Top Blog Posts of 2014.

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