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p1000593Halibut Regulations 2017

The International Pacific Halibut Commission approved catch limits for Southeast Alaska that allow for an increase in the size of halibut charter anglers can keep.

  • Bag limit: One halibut per day
  • Reverse slot limit: Charter anglers can keep one halibut per day that is either under 44 inches or over 80 inches (U44:O80). This is an increase from U43:O80 in 2016. To put it in perspective – a 43-inch halibut is roughly 37 pounds and 44 incher is 40 pounds – a gain of three pounds.
  • No annual limit for halibut in Southeast Alaska. You can keep one halibut for every day you fish.

Trump Card:

By a White House directive, all federal agencies must suspend implementation of new federal regulations until approved by department heads. Thus, our new halibut regulation must be approved by the new secretary of commerce, Wilbur Smith, before becoming official. We can’t think of why this wouldn’t happen, but we’ll keep you posted.

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