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Captain Spencer Chute and hostess Alli Godin met on the job at AU when they were new hires in 2015. It was Alli’s first summer in Alaska. Spencer had been fishing and working at other charter businesses in Sitka since 2007. The two were just friends thru the end of that first season. Alli missed the 2016 season in Sitka in order to complete her nursing internship. At the end of the 2016 summer, Spencer who was in Sitka, asked Alli, who was in Minnesota, on a date. She said yes and he drove all the way from Alaska to make it happen. That’s commitment. Apparently, that date and the many that followed went well. Spencer proposed to Alli in November of 2017. She accepted.

On September 22, 2018, the happy couple got married on the shores of Lake Bemedji. It was a beautiful early fall day with bright sun and the leaves starting to turn. Friends and family came from California, Alaska, Florida, Washington, and Minnesota to celebrate the love and commitment between Spencer and Alli. They honeymooned on Lake Vermillion, MN, then returned to their new home in Sitka where Alli now works as a nurse and Spencer runs a boat for AU.

We have great regard and affection for Spencer and Alli. We wish them a long and happy life together.

Note: This is the fifth marriage that has resulted from people meeting on the job at AU.


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