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New Boat Name Announcement: “Petrel”

By May 6, 2019No Comments

Thanks to all our loyal fans for the boat name suggestions. We ultimately landed on “Petrel” for the new boat name. We begin with looking at seabirds with attributes we like. Petrels are in group of off seabirds we often see offshore that includes albatrosses, shearwaters, and fulmars. Albatross and shearwater are already taken. We considered fulmar, but landed on petrel for the following description of the forked tail petrel:

“silvery seabird of cold waters off the Pacific Coast, most common off southern Alaska. Flutters low over the waves offshore, sometimes in flocks. Its center of distribution is much farther north than those of other storm-petrels in Pacific; it is able to fly well even in serious winter storms, zigzagging through wave troughs”

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