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The 2009 season hit a brief pothole for a few days beginning on July 8. For some reason the bait flushed from the west side of Kruzof Island and the silvers left with it. Most of our boats were able to find enough kings to bring in limits and halibut fishing filled in for the disappeared salmon. On July 12 our fleet shifted efforts to Cape Edgecumbe and found good numbers of silvers, kings, and a few too many pinks (they can be a nuisance). The fishing on the Cape chugged along at a good pace with limits of silvers and kings on many of our boats. On July 18 a hot king bite on the Cape brought limits to all our boats by mid-morning along with some silvers. A southeast blow came in July 19 and our fleet headed to the protected shores of Biorka Island to find solid action with silvers and kings. Jack Jolley, long time AU angler, described his day at Biorka on July 20 “as the best king fishing I’ve ever had”. Along with his mother Joyce and son Jack, Jr. they brought in a limit of kings and a near limit of silvers. On July 21 Joyce Jolley landed a 31 pound king fishing with Captain Ryan and Dan Cushman landed a 38 pound king fishing with Captain Chuck, both at Biorka. Fish have begun showing again in the Shark Hole and the west side of Kruzof is beginning to have more bait again. We’re counting on the usual mid-summer hot bite of mixed kings and silvers to get nothing but better.

Halibut fishing was good over the past two weeks for the most part. Terry Finn’s group, fishing with Captain Ben had four days of getting halibut limits after salmon fishing with fish in the 20 to 60 pound range. A monster 225 pound halibut was landed on Captain Phil’s boat on June 30. The Willard party, fishing with Captain Phil, landed a 125 pound halibut on June 27. Cody and Rebecca White, fishing with the Don Weathers party on Captain DJ’s boat landed two 100 pound halibut on July 14.

We still have some open dates. If the urge hits you to participate in the best salt water salmon fishing on the planet, give us a call.

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