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The Nakamura Novel

By June 7, 2010No Comments

When Ted first began fishing with Angling Unlimited in Sitka, AK, I was Captain Tom’s deckhand, a mere sixteen years ago. Ted has fished with me every year since, and always during Memorial Day weekend. I like to think of each year as another chapter in a novel. We have had some amazing trips over the years, and we all take great pleasure in traveling down memory lane. We talk about some of the highlights of previous trips such as the year Ted’s grandson, JT, who was 13 on his first trip, landed a 47 pound King near the Sharkhole, or the time the ocean was covered with millions of Shearwaters, and the time Ted battled what I still think might have been the largest King I have ever witnessed at Sinitsin. I’m still haunted by the story!

From right Ted, Ricky, Steve and JT Nakamura pose with the day's halibut in front of the rarely seen, dead humpback

So this year, as our 2010 chapter was coming to a close, and Ted and I were saying our good-byes, I was extremely proud when Ted said “In all the years I’ve been coming up here, this year has been the best!” Highlights of this year included some of the best King fishing we’ve seen, the calmest ocean we have ever seen, the first time I have ever seen a California Sealion amongst the Stellars on Sealion rocks, the first time I’ve seen a dead humpback, the best Dall’s porpoise show I’ve seen, great halibut fishing, and the list goes on….. After I had time to reflect on the trip, I’m not surprised that Ted rated this year’s trip as his best ever. I am just honored and thankful to have been there to help create another amazing chapter. Ted, thanks for all the support and memories over the years. I’m already looking forward to what next year might bring!
Sincerely, Captain Chuck

From right Ted, Ricky, Steve and JT Nakamura pose with the day’s halibut in front the rarely seen, dead humpback

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