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Kings Continue

By August 1, 2010No Comments

Colin Radford with a late July beauty

The month of July ended with a strong king showing. Colin Radford, who has fished with AU for 15 years landed a 34 pound king yesterday. The Kayser family – Don, Mary, Kevin, and Lori – hooked up simultaneously over a school of kings. Captain Ryan Refshaw had his hands full conducting traffic. Silvers were a little slower yesterday and the wind picked up as the morning went on. The wind didn’t stop Floyd Bishop from landing a 110 pound halibut offshore with Greg Mohs – not bad for a man born in 1920. Kings should continue for at least another two weeks and the silver run should build to a peak in August. Also, the Kristofik party from Virginia  witnessed one of the most spectacular whales shows we’ve ever seen. Dozens of whales were tail slapping, bubble feeding, and breaching. They were all over the horizon and many made it inshore near the salmon grounds by mid-morning.

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