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June Grandslam

By June 13, 2011No Comments

An explosive krill bloom in the waters off Sitka has brought an unusual mix of salmon for the second week of June. On June 11, Captain David Gross fishing with Doyne Bohannon, John Austin, Jeff Fossum, and Walt Seymour brought in a catch more common in mid-July: a limit of kings, halibut, and rockfish along with 17 silvers, plus chum and pink salmon. If they could have added a sockeye, they’d have had a salmon grandslam. The 17 silvers was more than our other boats found, but everyone has been bringing in king and halibut limits and finding at least a few silvers. Does this herald an early beginning to the silver run? Are they here to stay? The next week should tell the story. We had fits and starts to the silver run last year, but nothing like 17 in one day in the second week of June. Stay tuned.

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