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By July 1, 2011No Comments

The calmest June we’ve ever seen ended on a rough note. A nasty south wind kicked up on Thursday making the ocean a confused washboard. The rough conditions brought out the best in Sitka options when a number of our boats limited out at an undisclosed location that was as calm as the proverbial mill pond. Following that, Captain David took for members of the Glen Foster party to an inside halibut spot, also the old mill pond, for  a limit of halibut. Yours truly, Captain Tom, took the Jim Waldo party out on the calming but by no means calm ocean for a limit of halibut then back inside where we caught and release some more kings on calm water. The Willard family, fishing with Captains Phil and Greg, toughed out the ocean for limits of kings and halibut. So, a day that could have been considered a blow out, delivered the goods. Protected inside water options is part of what makes Sitka special and the capability of our boats to handle rough ocean is another thing that makes AU special. We’re hoping for a return to calm for the July 1, but if we don’t get it, we’ll still make it all happen.


The Willard party and their halibut catch

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