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Can I Get A Bait?

By June 28, 2011No Comments

Deckhands and captains are running around the boat trying to keep up with fish coming to the side and empty hooks. The continued early run of silvers, chums, and pinks mixed in with a strong run of kings seems to bring a bite on every drop. Normal bait consumption in late June is 4 or 5  herring dozen per boat per day. Right now, it’s between 14 and 20 dozen. The culptrit? Pinks, pinks, and more pinks. Thankfully, mixed in with the pinks are some very nice kings, silvers and chums. Jim Messenger, long time AU friend, landed a 14 pound silver on Sunday along with his party getting a limit of kings, 4 chums, 15 silvers, and 3 halibut. This is a very large silver for late June. Fishing on Monday was good for our entire fleet which was spread out over a wide area of ocean. Limits of kings and halibut were the rule. Silver catches fell off some from the day before, largely because of the pink infestation. No matter how you slice it, the action is seemingly endless and the results have been great. The weather continues a calm stretch that has run nearly continuously since May with a few short and relatively mild exceptions. Right now it’s all good with fishing in Sitka.

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