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By June 15, 2012No Comments

Yesterday produced all kinds of marine mammal sightings ranging from the usual sea lions, which aren’t appreciated due to their tendency to harass hooked fish. A large pod of orcas came down the west side of Kruzof yesterday and seemed to have one positive result – the sea lions sort of disappeared. Thankfully, the orcas had little impact on the fishing as we had a good afternoon king bite.  Offshore there were lots of humpbacks and a fair bit of breaching. The fishing was good for kings and very good for halibut once again. I would say the king fishing isn’t quite up to the lights out standards of mid-June, but limits plus a few releases per angler are ever possible. Once back on shore, a 2 mile drive down to Stargavin at the end of the road is producing excellent nightly bear watching as a large male brown bear has taken to feeding in the marsh grass well within sight of the road. We continue to save money on sunscreen with seemingly constant gray skies but the seas have been pretty calm amidst the overcast.

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