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Missing in Action

By June 20, 2012No Comments

If anyone can locate summer, please send it to Southeast Alaska. The unusually cold and overcast weather continues but the seas are generally calm. We a blow last Saturday along with some tough fishing. Results improved on Sunday improved for kings and the ocean settled down some. Most boats enjoyed king and halibut limits Sunday and Monday but the chinook fishing has remained less than the normal lights out mid-June show. Thankfully, yesterday (Tuesday) the king bite began to open up and all boats experienced early enough success to head out for the prime halibut grounds where limits of fish fairly close to the 45 inch maximum were the rule. The seas were calm for the beginning of the week and the forecast is good for the rest of the week . We’ve seen lots of productivity in the water in the form of large krill concentrations and plenty of baitfish. A few silvers are showing in the catch as well as pinks. Although it’s not needed for the fishing, a little summer weather would be welcome.

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