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Silvers Hot

By July 22, 2012No Comments

The coho (silvers) bite has ranged from good to white hot over the past four or five days. Yesterday saw consistent action in the early morning, a little slowing mid-morning, then a wide open bite to end the day. Limits were the rule and the silvers are getting bigger by the day as they gorge themselves on massive schools of small needlefish. Halibut limits also continue to be the rule with lots of fish in the 30 to 40 pound range. All this isn’t unusual for mid to late July. The only thing missing right now are the kings, which are typically a slam dunk at this time of the year. Kings have been pretty scattered for the past week, showing up in good numbers some days, but nearly absent on others. With all the bait in the area, this is a bit surprising. The forecast was for a strong run, but we aren’t seeing it and really haven’t seen normal abundance all season. Are they late? Was the forecast inaccurate? Or, are they simply somewhere else? That’s part of the fun of fishing – always a mystery to solve.

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