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Wide Open Silver Bite

By July 23, 2012No Comments

Yesterday delivered a wide-open coho (silver) bite. On my boat we had a 30 silver limit for five anglers by 8:15 in the morning along with one king and countless pink salmon. We followed that with a limit of nice halibut in the 25 to 40 pound range plus Pacific cod and one big blackcod. The seas were calm, the sun came. It was a near perfect day for all our guests who got limits of silvers and halibut. King catches ranged from one per boat to four per boat – all mixed in with the silvers. These silvers are reaching very good size – a fair number over 10 pounds and a few pushing 14 pounds. There is ample feed and these fish will grow at a rate of nearly one pound per week if given the chance. If this build up continues, 2012 will be one of the best silver years we’ve seen for a while.

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