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It Continues

By August 6, 2012No Comments

Silver fishing continues to be strong with some days faster than others. The quality of the silvers is impressive with increasing numbers of fish over 10 pounds and pushing into the low teens. The bite varies from day to day and often from hour to hour. The fish are definitely here but so are vast shoals of baitfish – primarily small needlefish (pacific sand lance). The silvers get full and fussy for a while, then they go back on the bite. Kings have been present in good numbers, but  not mixed with the silvers. Where we’re finding kings, the silvers are scratchy. Where we’re finding silvers, the kings are few. Halibut fishing is excellent for smaller chickens mixed in with the salmon or for bigger fish in deep water offshore. The weather continues to be very fishable – as in fairly calm seas many days with the occasional windy day mixed in. The sun has mostly been on a leave of absensce all summer. For our customers travelling up from a sweltering lower 48, the cool weather can feel refreshing. Speaking for myself, I wouldn’t mind a bit more sunshine.

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