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What your captain wants you to do – leave the testosterone on shore

By August 5, 2013No Comments

Observation: There is no evidence in nature that testosterone enhances intelligence.

Witness the big horn sheep banging heads, elk locking horns, the beach master elephant seals bloodying each other. We humans aren’t exempt. The recent spate of TV ads make no suggestion that boosting your low T will make you a better Jeopardy contestant. It’s all about stamina, energy, performance, muscle mass, etc.

The metaphorical version of locking horns on a charter boat is a male customer who needs to prove that he knows more than his skipper. No matter how good an angler you are, and I include myself in this formula, you will not benefit yourself by locking horns with a person who spends nearly every day on the local waters. Hard as it may be for me and other testosterone afflicted males to accept, we need to let go of the wheel and listen to our guide. If he or she is worth their salt, they will provide you with the best advice on how to catch fish right here and right now. It might not be how you do it at home, but you’re not at home.

This seems especially true with saltwater salmon fishing. It’s a different style of fishing with a different set of rules. You’ll need to check your hook setting, rod tip yo-yoing, line plucking ways behind if you hope to consistently catch what bites. And when your skipper tells you that, don’t get the hackles up, just listen, try it, and start catching fish.

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