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Bo Breuner has put in three long seasons for Angling Unlimited as a deckhand and he has thrived in the role.  Raised with a passion for fly fishing, Bo brought that same passion to fishing the Pacific Ocean. As a client in 2008, Bo fished with his uncle George Jaquette on Captain Tom’s boat. He was hooked and in 2011, he made his debut as a deckhand. His first year, he worked for Captain DJ, then moved to Aquila and Captain Greg for his remaining two years as a deckhand. Many of you know Bo for his intensity, his enthusiasm, and his unique photo posing skills which reveal just how much fun he brings to a boat. If you don’t “know Bo,” there will be plenty of chances to witness his passion in the coming seasons. We are excited to welcome Bo as a captain for 2014.


Bo-21Here is a note from future Captain Bo:

“Thank you Tom and Chuck for the opportunity, I’m thrilled to be continuing my work at Angling Unlimited. Captain Greg Mohs has set a very high bar on Aquila and I am proud to carry on his legacy. I have completed my OUPV application and will be taking my captain’s license test the first week of March in Anchorage. The captains at Angling Unlimited taught me a lot about Northern Pacific and I’m excited to see that education expand through the 2014 fishing season. I’m looking forward to the epic adventures that await all of us in Sitka, Alaska this coming season! Get up here and let’s do some fishing!” – Captain Bo Breuner


  • Jamie Savant says:

    Bo, we are so proud of you are your efforts- Savant’s are looking forward to our next trip to Sitka

  • Scott Beattie says:

    Congratulations Captain Bo! We knew when we fished with you your inaugural season with Captain DJ that you had a special passion not just for fishing but the client as well. Best of luck to you this season and going forward. Hope to see you on the water soon. Sincerely Scott and Lynne Beattie

  • Hey Bo!! When I think back to all of the great fishing conversations we had when you would come to see Dr. Gross at Dentonics, I am not even the slightest bit surprised at your career choice and success!! Congratulations my friend and I wish you the best!!! Fondly, Sandy ~ Dentonics, Inc.

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