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Captain Tom's Fishing Repor FInal

Kings have begun showing in Sitka already. Captains David and James began catching them in the last week of April. We believe these early fish are a very positive leading indicator that the record king forecast is taking form. Fishing may also be off to an early start as a result of a very mild winter and an unusually sunny spring.



There’s no need to look this gift horse too much in the mouth. Fact is, we have an out-of-the-park king forecast for 2014. The numbers of fish are expected to be very high, there should be a good number of big 5-year-old kings, and the regulations are great. Anglers can keep two kings a day in May and June. The annual limit is 6 throughout the season.


We still have some great dates in late May and early June – prime time for kings, halibut, lingcod, and rockfish. The stars for 2014 appear to be very well lined up. The good old days are about to begin again in Sitka.

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