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Trivia Tuesday: Why are bananas considered bad luck to bring on the water? Get it right, win an AU sticker!





  • Harry says:

    Banana boat burned do that’s the saying. Nooo bananas on boat bad luck

  • Marty says:

    Slave Ships… “Day Oh… Day Oh…” One theory that seems to carry a lot of water is that the original slaves were brought from Africa to the New World in the dark ugly holds of banana boats. If you perchance one morning woke up in that dark foul place surrounded by other scared folks and it smelled a lot like bananas… well chances are your life was gonna be a world of bad luck from then on… it was gonna be a bad, bad day.

  • Andrew says:

    Good answers, Harry and Marty! Send your address to and I’ll send you an AU sticker!

  • Richard Underbrink says:

    The real reason is that banana boats were built for speed. Light and cheap. These boats were carrying cargo that spoiled quickly so the boats had to be fast. Fast hulls couldn’t stand up to heavy weather and banana boats sunk. Alot of them. The logic stuck with sea men that if you bring bananas on the boat your boat will sink. When in reality it’s not the bananas, it’s the boat.

  • JEFF HAUSER says:

    I believe one of the reasons is because spiders and snakes would be in the bundles of banana’s and would spread to the rest of the ship and infest the ship.

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