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Kim, our amazing office manager in Minnesota always shares your feedback and the great memories you’ve created during your time with us. To help others in their search for the trip of a lifetime, we want to share those testimonials. The majority of our business is generated from client referrals, so your opinion is very important to us.


Here is one from the father and daughter duo of Richard McCoy and Melanie Rose who visited Sitka at the end of July in 2014. They experienced prime silver and king salmon fishing at The Cape and witnessed the daily humpback whale show that was in full-swing.

“We had a terrific trip with Captain DJ and Isaiah. It was one of those trips that a person would dream of having once in a lifetime. Our boat mates were all very friendly and we had a great time exchanging experiences with them,” shared Richard.

Clients for five seasons, Richard and Melanie have visited with full groups (four people) before. But, in 2014, they came as a pair and were coupled with Wally and Helen of Bellevue, Washington. The group quickly built a rapport and coupled with their experience and Captain DJ’s gift for finding fish, were unstoppable. The group caught limits of kings near a spot named “The Mushroom” and landed limits of silvers at the Cape.


During this stretch of great fishing south of Kruzof, which lasted nearly two months, anglers were entertained with displays of humpback whale feeding patterns. For two weeks, massive schools of herring collected on the Mushroom contour, which attracted the whales. The whales practiced a technique called bubble-net feeding. They orchestrate a unified effort to create a bubble ring that traps the baitfish. Swimming from the bottom, they charge the bait to the surface with their mouths open. The whales breach the surface in unison, mouths agape. Typically a rare spectacle, this behavior became a common occurrence during their trip. The whales predictable behavior created opportunities for anglers to capture some of the best whale photos we’ve ever seen!

“We had such a fantastic fishing trip that it is difficult to truly express our thanks to DJ, Isaiah, and the supporting crew at Angling Unlimited.”

During their time in Sitka, Curt Worden was filming for a new series of Angling Unlimited videos. Richard was eager to help and share his fishing experiences in Sitka. He’s visited during different periods of the season and fished with different AU captains – all he said were great. We can’t wait to see the new videos and hear more of Richard’s stories. Stay tuned.


As for 2015, Richard assembled a dream team foursome of family members. They didn’t need much convincing after Richard shared the success from the 2014 trip. He will be joined by daughter Melanie, son Mark, and grandson Daniel at the end of July.

“It is exciting to have been able to convince members of my family to come back with me for another wonderful fishing trip to Alaska.” 

We look forward to seeing the McCoys again in July!

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