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FullSizeRender copyDuring the last week, our anglers experienced the best trophy king fishing in recent memory!

The Daggs party fished with Captain Ryan and Bryan to kick off trophy week. The men on Ryan’s boat caught king limits two of their three days. Two of those fish were 30-plus pounds – each caught by Irving Mathews. One came from the Shark Hole and the other from the Cape. They brought in handfuls of silvers each day and enjoyed excellent halibut fishing when the ocean permitted them to travel offshore.

After the Daggs groups, the following parties ramped up the king size even more. Most of the fleet went north and found good numbers for kings and silvers with two 50-plus, two 40-plus, and numerous 30-pound kings. Tom Fulton caught a 53-pounder on Captain DJ’s boat, which ties the largest of the year. Alison Choi caught a 48-pounder with Captain Bo, which was her first king! Trevor Newhouse caught a 50-plus pounder with Captain Bo, which they landed, took photos, measured, and safely released. And finally Perry Montoya from Captain Spencer’s boat landed a beautiful 44-pounder. These were the obvious cherries on top to days of kings and cohos in flat inside water. You never know when that next trophy could be on the end of your line!

The weather has been a mix of rain and sun, with rough and calm water. Since fish are being caught up and down the coast, weather is the biggest factor for choosing a starting point for the day. Silvers are arriving in more reliable numbers by the day and we will enjoy these trophy kings as long as they want to hang around. If you’re coming up in the next week, it’s definitely something to be excited about.

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