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Emergency Order


From August 1 – August 31 nonresidents may not retain or possess king salmon. Any king salmon caught must be released immediately and returned to the water unharmed. In short, kings are closed for the month of August.




The sport fishery in Southeast Alaska is managed to an abundance-based number which is determined before the season starts. This year 37,900 king salmon were allocated to the sport fishery. The catch rate in the sport fishery has exceeded preseason estimates and we’ve pretty much exhausted the limit, thus the closure.

We at Angling Unlimited understand that these changes can feel disappointing. However, these management measures are both beyond our control and designed for the long-term health of the resource. Silvers are arriving in greater numbers every day. Halibut, rockfish, blackcod, lingcod, and Pacific cod continue to show up in our daily catches. The experience of fishing the saltwater wilderness of Southeast Alaska ranks among the truly spectacular angling options on the planet. We at AU will continue the friendly, high-quality, professional service that you’ve all come to expect.

Burnett Group with Halibuts in Sitka, AK with Angling Unlimited

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