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Conner Cooke


Conner Cooke worked for AU as deckhand for Captain Spencer for three summers from 2018-2020. He was fresh out of a four-year stint in the US Marine Corps where he “learned how to walk a straight line and shave my face”. In 2017, after his enlistment concluded, he enrolled in college and began studying biology. He made his way to AU the following summer where he earned high praise from his captain, his coworkers, and his employers.

Raised in Chehalis, Washington Conner grew up on a Christmas tree farm bordering the Newakum river. “Due to the convenience of the location, and a fortunate childhood, I started fishing at a very young age. Our house quickly became a hangout spot for all my childhood friends. Fishing has always been a great excuse to get your buddies together and enjoy the outdoors”.

Conner earned his captain’s license in the winter of 2020 and made the big decision to move to Sitka full time. AU did not have any vacancies in their captain’s roster at the time, so he began running a boat for another charter outfit in Sitka for the past three years (2021-2023) where he gained much experience at the helm. This year, with the departure of Lev, Conner got the news about an opening at AU. He’s excited to be back on our team. The feeling is quite mutual.